20-04-1914 Jung to Freud

358 J

Association psychanalytique internationale

Küsnach-Zurich, 20. IV.1914 (1)

Honored Mr. President!

I am persuaded by the recent events that my designs are so steep in opposition with the designs of the majority of the members of our Association, I can not consider myself as a personality fit for the presidency. I also commend my resignation to the Conference of Presidents, with gratitude for the confidence I have enjoyed so far2.

With theExpression of my respect

Dr C. G. Young 3.

* *


1. Datylographiée, signed. The three crosses are drawn to the fm pen. Circular to the local presidents, subsequently reproduced in Magazine, flight. II, No. 3 (1914). 297.

2. The third avril, Jung gave to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zurich resigned as privat-docent. It was accepted on 3 June by the cantonal education (extracted from Protocol Board of Education, based communication due to the kindness of M. Franz Jung).

3. In My life, p. 204 sq., Jung relates a dream he had three times, in April, May and June 1914; « … in the middle of the summer arctic cold and broke ground freezes in the gel… every green was frozen alive ". The third dream, however, "had an unexpected ending : there was a tree with leaves, but fruit (My tree of life, I thought) whose leaves, by the effect of the gel, were transformed into sweet grapes, full of sap beneficial. I picked grapes and gave a large crowd waiting ".

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