13-05-1914 Jones to Freud

13 may 1914

69 Portland Court, London

Dear Professor Freud,

You thought, j’imagine, Sachs that would give me all the news from Vienna, and it gave me much. And the case of the Vereinsleitung been adjusted for the time of the most satisfactory, but we must prepare for the possibility of further trouble soon. Jung is not killed, but just temporarily defeated. In July, the prend the words devant the British Medical Association1. He exercised a powerful attraction in America and perhaps in England, where ψα is still a sapling. For all these reasons, I hope you do not amenderez of your Referat Yearbook (2) one iota, because the issue was not only the Vereinigung.

Sachs says that your health improves, Wolfgang Ernst and overcame his original weakness, two good news, but your youngest daughter struggled to get rid of his cold ; I hope that the sea air of England will remove the last traces, s'il in subtract3.

Attached letters received from Abraham. Business does not seem very bright in America, although I was delighted to see that the 13 items advertised in the program of the American Psychopathological Association, one and all por-Taient on a theme of ψα, 11 is positive and 2 only negative4. MacCurdy, on which I had high hopes, seems to have shown a dark side in the case of Herbert Jones (surely jealousy, because it is very gay), and this bodes ill for its activity ψα, where the character is at least as important as intellect. No new Putnam for two months, but I wrote recently - also requesting permission to publish his excellent article in the last Magazine (5).

Loe wrote a long letter this week, after three months of silence, but I'd love to know what effect you had on it the sad news of the death of his aunt, which was really a beautiful woman. This is yet another case of death due to causes, ultimately, psychic (Do you remember talking to me about this one night, at a late hour), as was that of Scott's Antarctic expedition6, I discovered that. Loe decision about his marriage did not surprise, because it was the only sensible decision, and I am delighted. However, I can not be very optimistic about its future, because it does not waiver cera-morphine, though I pray with all my heart it may have a few years of happiness. She continued treatment until the end of your working season ?

The history of the’Work of Jekels was fun, quoique un peu contrariante. It can encourage me to write my book on Napoleon for Fonts, Perhaps at the end of this year after the Congress will7. Do you think I should sacrifice other work it ?

I will pass this summer to write a small book on The treatment of neuroses Ferenczi and translate8. Then I signed the contract to produce next year (the end) a big book on ψα for a scientific audience, but not medical, and this will require an immense9. Besides these tasks, I have enough others to fill the free time of my evenings.

Sir Ed. Durning-Lawrence has died10. I dined with him there for about a month11, and he assured me that Bacon wrote Shakespeare not only all, but all Spenser and Marlowe (he paid the same way to use their name), and he also supervised the translation of the Bible ! ! Peace to his ashes ! The passage, we found another set of contemporary references, where the name is written Shackspere12, thus confirming what you told me about Jacques-Pierre13.

Sachs wrote you about London, who enchants. His company is a great pleasure to me.

Affectionately to you


1. Young (1914),

2. Freud (1914 d).

3. Allusions to Freud's nephew, the son of Sophie, et à Anna Freud, who was about to go to England.

4. The fifth meeting of the American Psychopathological Association was held in Albany, NY, 6 may 1914.

5. Putnam (1914 b).

6. Robert Falcon Scott (1868-1912), naval officer and explorer, led the fateful second expedition to the South Pole (1910-1913) ; see Scott’s Last Expedition : The Personal Journals of Cap­tain R. F. Scott, C. In. O., R.N., on his Journey to the South Pole, 2 flight., London, Smith, Elder, 1913.

7. Ludwig Jekel (1867-1954), Viennese psychoanalyst, devoted to a brief study Napoleon (Jekels, 1914). Jones was never published his essay on Napoleon Bonaparte.

8. Jones (1920 b, 1916 b).

9. See letter 156, note 5.

10. Sir Edwin Durning-Lawrence (1837-1914), death 21 April, claimed that Francis Bacon was behind Shakespeare ; see his Bacon Is Shakespeare, London, Gay & Hancock, 1910.

11. In Jones (1957 a, p. 429; 1957 b, p. 460), Jones dinner date this 1913.

12. The c is emphasized two features in the original.

13. See letter 20.

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