15-05-1914 Freud to Sabina Spielrein

Freud à Sabina Spielrein

15 may 1914 Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19

Dear Madam,

Now you also become dinguo( 20) and with the same symptoms as your predecessors ! I received one day, without suspecting anything, a letter from Madame Jung21 telling me that her husband was convinced that I wanted him. This was the beginning; the end, you know. And your argument that I would not have sent yet no patient ? This has manifested itself in exactly the same way in which Adler believed persecuted because I sent him no patient. Do not you recognize that this mechanism is known to grow abused a person in order to make then responsible (22) ? For at least six months, I have not had a single customer in Berlin, and also that I had not been able to send. I have great difficulty in taking care of my young people in Vienna. Half of analysts and all those who are not enjoying themselves to insult me, how you wonder why after all neurotics do not come to me to indicate to doctors. I do not know if Abraham could do much, but I am sure he will take into account your wishes if you do not you keep too much outside activities Association.

After the relationships we have had so far, what do you think I have against you ? Is there something else here that the expression of your bad conscience that he could not release you from your idol ? Think again and write me what you think.

I cordially greet you, Freud

20. Freud uses an original expression Yiddish, passed through the use Viennese : "Bonkers", meaning, today, something equivalent to our modern "crazy" (or "crazy") (N.d.t.).

21. Cf. correspondence S. Freud - Emma Jung in S. Freud, C.G. Young, Correspondence, op.cit., t. II, p. 209 sq. (it is the letter of 30 October 1911).

22. Cf. Totem et tabou, ed. fr., p. 63, G.W. IX, p. 64, S.E. XIII, p. 50.

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