17-05-1914 Freud to Jones

17 may 1914

Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

Dear Jones,

I badly need a few hours of discussion with you. Writing a letter is a poor substitute. Be sure that I do not mean to sweeten my article Jabrbuch(1) there will be some amendments and additions (invisible in Fahnen that have been addressed), but not in the sense of mercy.

It may be that we surestimions Jung and his actions in the coming time. It is not in a favorable position to the public when he turns against me: i.e. his past. But my general opinion on the matter is very close to yours. I do not expect immediate success, but an uphill battle. Anyone who promises to liberate humanity from the tests will be sex hero's welcome, we leave talk - some nonsense that delivers.

Putnam tient nests, see his latest Journal of Abnormal Psychology on sexuality in interpreting dreams (2), and leaving aside the sophistry of excessive respect Adler.

But Stanley Hall declared allegiance to Adler and, for personal reasons, this accident I was more bitter than other. It can now invite Worcester lessons Indiv. Psychology. I can see(3) what they will do to his sermons (4).

MacCurdy spontaneously promised to act against Jelliffe he proposes to review its official organ instead of Magazine. Temperament, it seems to be real-ing U.S..

I could write for hours about Loe. This is a charming woman, but it is challenging. Not a matter of relent when she is happy, nor obey when it is at its worst. There is every reason to ask: when should it take "Lachs mit Mayonnaise (5) » ? Marriage is decided, but the date is not fixed, and it is not certain she can stay until July. She wants to finish with morphine before leaving, but it decreases very slowly.

Do not worry about the Napoleon Jekels. It is good, he found one of the springs of his character, but he did not see the other, yours. Better not to rush. Bacon was certainly a very extraordinary person ! Take advantage of your visitor and have good thoughts for your caring


P. -S. : Fisher Unwin wrote that the English edition of the’Everyday life released on 3 June (6). He asked for a list of individuals and periodicals, who to address book. PrEN I drained the liberty of telling him that you (J.) give him the necessary advice, and to send you a copy en revanche (7).


There are negotiations underway with F. Alcan (Paris) about the French translation ; they can easily lead to something.

1. Freud (1914 d).

2. Putnam (1914 a).

3. « I picture to myself » : Freud here seems to follow the German syntax : I imagine.

4. The interest that Hall was at Adler, opposed to Freud, see Ross (1972, p. 406-407, 409- 411). Adler could not speak at Clark University.

5. In a story that Freud analyzes in The joke an individual apppauvri, just borrow a little money, is reprimanded by his benefactor to have ordered a good meal in a restaurant, and replies : "If I do not have money, I can not I offer salmon mayonnaise, if I I must not m'en offrir. Then, when then I do ?» (Freud (1905 c) ; GW, flight. 6, p. 51, 53-54.

6. Brill (1914).

7. Sic ! In French in the text.

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