18-05-1914 Jones to Freud

18 may 1914

69 Portland Court, London

Dear Professor Freud,

The first two batches of tests came1, and we were delighted to read. When you are aware of all the allusions and references, It is also interesting that pleasant to have your delicate strokes thrusting. I'm sure the effect will be great, qu'il is affermir notre camp, give energy, and that he will "dismantle" the other side, comme dit Shaw.

You can imagine that I have no complaints at all, but since you have asked me to share with you all my observations come to mind, I draw your attention to some minor details.

The first is personal : S. 46 (Flags) you write "Alle drei (Brill, Ferenczi and myself) had a familiar in Zurich learned2». For my part, I am afraid decline this honor, the facts are as follows : I bought your book 1906, I practiced and ψα (imperfectly, certainly) one year before the Amsterdam Congress in September 1907 (3) where I met Jung and Otto Gross. That fall, I was in Munich, and I learned more Gross I've never heard of Jung. On the way back, in December, I spent 5- 6 day in Zurich, I saw Jung everyday, and so I was invited to the Salzburg Congress in April following. Jung is then introduced me to you, that you may have given the impression that I was his student. Since then I've only stayed two days in Zurich. I am an exception to your assertion minimum (S. 43) "In all other places (outside Vienna and Zurich) this donation was of interest initially nothing more than a passionate usually accented rejection4».

S. 45. The direction is reversed by the omission of the word "no" : "The ψα Freud is now advocated and practiced not only in Austria, etc.5»

[S. 46 : the dates6]

S. 55. It. Jelliffe should be replaced by "White and Jelliffe". White is much stronger than Jelliffe and should not be ignored7.

S. 44. "Of that character trait of young… its tendency to ruthless insistence aside an inconvenient others8». Of course, this is absolutely true, and in principle I am of the opinion that we should not pity a war of such magnitude, but I can not find this less strong enough, personally, and I fear that, further to strengthen, it would weaken, a personal note, the overall effect of the es-sai. There was no interest in giving weapons to the enemy. Sachs asked me to add that it is quite of my opinion.

We expect the third batch with the keenest interest.

Faithfully to you


  1. Freud (1914 d).
  2. "All three (Brill, Ferenczi and Jones) studied psychoanalysis in Zurich. "Phrase deleted ; see Freud (1914 d, p. 31) ; GW, flight. 10, p. 70.
  3. In 1910, Jones stated that he was familiar with the work of Freud 1907, and recognized, to deplore, his lack of experience in psychoanalysis, see letter 26, note 9.
  4. "Everywhere else (outside Vienna and Zurich), This surge of interest has produced, initially, We reject that supported, most often quite passionate " (see Freud (1914d, p. 27) ; GW Flight. 10, p. 65-66).
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  6. Lined in the original.
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  8. This passage - vindictive – was abandoned : "This trait of Jung… its tendency to deviate sharply anyone gets in his way. »

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