07-05-1914 Freud to Abraham

* Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19


Cher ami,

You are now our president. We turn Association and we will not let it escape soon.

Maeder has agreed terms very helpful, Seif1 a laconically. The official report of voting results will be sent by Rank, probably tomorrow.

I now propose to prepare a Korrespondenzblatt (2) which can be placed in the number 4 de la magazine. (The 3 is almost completed.) I ask you, in the preamble of your proclamation, not omit to say that the previous Central ceased operations since Munich and did not even provide a single report for Congress.

I continue not to be good and want to work without; I expect the events of the Jahrbuch, who do not come, despite all reminders. I will say a lot, I atténuerai also some.

I still have no idea what we will do this summer.

Heller has languished on the poor state of our subscriptions to two magazines. The printers' strike has certainly done much harm; but it must be good.

I hope your little ones are now fully rested, and you and your wife are as befits your youth and good agreement. I had 58 ans here. Sincerely.

Your Freud.

1. Dr The. Seif, psychoanalyst in Munich.

2. Bulletin giving news of various companies in the International Psychoanalytic Association.

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