10-05-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

It is my great joy and great satisfaction that yourself, dear Professor, and our closest friends have thought of me for the Presidency; I thank you cordially for your trust. In fact, I had expressed its readiness to provide interim. But you seem to want me as permanent president. I've thought long. I do not redo my first proposal (Jones), because I realize that London is too eccentric and direction Korrespondenzblatt since there would be made very difficult. A vrai say, the most important objection against my presidency is to yourself. When a splinter group called abuse of psychoanalysis, yourself should be the head of the legitimate movement, so that everyone knows what is there in Freudian psychoanalysis. When we talked about this winter, you were of the opinion. On the other hand - and, lately, I discussed this with Sachs - should not that new tasks against you. But I found a solution and I hope that you will find practical. I will undertake specific tasks to the Presidency, me or who is finally chosen; my proposal would, however, you are officially in the head and that you ran the scientific congress. I think we should, as is done elsewhere in other scientific associations, give you the honorary presidency of permanent. As for me personally, I will not dwell on the feeling of my shortcomings, because I feel able to do better than my predecessor. But I remember the first congress : their excellent atmosphere and a lot of other things, they were your guidance. Even with the best will in the world, nobody else can give us the congress he lost character in Munich. Current reports and chairing sessions devolve the current President as, as well as all current affairs during the year. The exercise of your function is limited to the two-day conference, and you might even be replaced if the load is too heavy you; but this can hardly happen. Sachs immediately found this proposal very satisfactory. I would be delighted if you acquiesciez you too.

Having long been the trials of the article Federn, I thought printing Jahrbuch went well. I hope that no delay will occur.

Reik gave us a very nice presentation on male layers (1); he wants to develop this work and give the Jahrbuch under the title : "Rites of the Father". Stärke sent me his large manuscript 18 placards, which was previously Jung. I examine carefully, but we can hardly take, not even partially, Stärke as now proposed.

I think, by our meeting this summer, everything will be settled in Switzerland. The publication of your "History" in the Jahrbuch push Jung (with him and his) to withdraw. Congress, then, will be a pleasure for us.

I am preparing for Imago work on greetings (2). Congress - if it goes the way we want - I want to talk about psychoanalytic therapy for mental illness.

Cordial greetings to you and yours, from my wife also.

Votre Karl Abraham.

(1) Cf. Theoder Reik : "The couvade and the psychogenesis of the fear of retaliation" [The couvade and the psychogenesis of fear of retaliation], Image, III, 1914.

(2) Apparently never published.

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