12-05-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

472 F

Prof.. Dr. Freud

the 12 may 1914 Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

Cher Ami,

I did not write these days, because I would not know what to tell you. You remember my discomfort Brioni. Soon after, laryngitis expressed, which is mounted to the nose ; it is now almost healed. The 6 evening, perhaps favored by an excess of festivities, acute intestinal crisis is declared, decided that Dr.. Branch 1 à I rectoscopier, then congratulate me! He confessed that I had not yet assumed that the neoformation, but only one of peracute inflammation Romanum 2. And here I am back to life and I can write you again. I am also subjectively better now than before these diseases.

Meantime, the case of the presidency was, as you know, markedly trench. Abraham will soon tackle the task, to give us the number of Korrespondenzblatt. I had, also, correspondence with him about the date of the congress, which would be very inconvenient early September. Himself believes to see 20-21 September; we will meet one day before, Congress in private. Then I can make my presentation in Leiden 3 to 23, and then leave for Hamburg. Our projects are quite been suspended by my illness and the uncertainty of whether Zweig recommend a cure.

My best wishes on the occasion of your move. The tournament attracted many projected me; I will certainly encourage R.[ank] and S.[achs] to get there.

Brioni since I do not work at all. Yesterday I started correcting my "History of the movement". When you come here the next time, you can see a gallery as ψα in Worcester 4. Stanley Hall, after work today received, went to Adler.

I cordially greet you, you and Mrs. G.

Your Freud alive

  1. Walter Branch (1872-?). Lecturer in Vienna, specialist in gastrointestinal diseases. Freud jokingly called her "Leibarzt", literally : medical body, but also meaning : My favorite doctor. Freud â Abraham you 13 In 1914, Freud-Abraham Correspondance, p. 181.
  2. Old term for a part of the colon.
  3. Jelgersma Freud invited to lecture at the University of Leiden, fall.
  4. Perhaps an allusion to the photographs taken at the seminar held in Worcester psychological. Freud à Abraham you 9 III 1914, Freud-Abraham Correspondance, p. 170.

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