13-05-1914 Freud to Abraham

Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19


Cher ami,

Thank you very much for your long letter. Meantime, I was sick again, and I have absolutely no respite, as if the torments and work wanted me to wear!

The last access my intestinal pain brought my "personal physician (1) "To undertake, on the safe side, rectoscopique examination, after which he congratulated me warmly as if I concluded that he had taken for highly probable carcinoma.

So it is nothing to this time; I must continue my wade. We have not even decided this summer. One, Rank as proposed, you adopt 20 and 21 September (Sunday) for Congress, we can have our private meeting the 19, I can see my lecture at Leiden 23 about, and then I will go see my daughter and grand-son in Hamburg. A Hollande, my youngest daughter will make a leap to me from England; Well then I will more than Berlin interval between two trains.

Pending, I promise to record your visit after your excursion in the Dolomites. Maybe we'll all Dresden.

See you as president definitive, this is indeed what I want personally. I know all that we have to wait for your energy, your correction and your conscientiousness (pleasant contrast with your predecessor). Somewhere else, It is argued that the problem of relations with America and the importance to keep the group well all recent London, speak in favor of Jones. Under these conditions, I want you to leave all care to make a decision that will take place during our Pre-. It would be premature, in fact, to decide now. We can not know if the Swiss actually leave after the publication of the Jahrbuch, which should also affect the choice of the President. For my part, I would like to keep away, possibly, book me for some extreme. Your proposal honorary president either does not please me ; firstly, she has something that smells "retired", and second, the present time, overshadowed by crises, does not seem conducive to the honors are awarded. I do not want to miss, however, thank you cordially friendly idea. In calm weather and fertile, I would have gladly accepted. For the time being, the establishment of a chairman and a vice-president seems essential and the distribution of these two functions between you and Jones, alternating with short intervals (every two years), opportune. More, as I said, I am sure that the Committee will find a solution to this issue, without being disturbed by problems of personal ambition.

I feel truly mortified by my lack of enthusiasm and ability to work, and lasts from Easter. This week, I finally completed the proofreading of the first third of the "Contribution to Psychoanalytic Movement"; there was virtually nothing in this section to change. I did add an epigraph insert name and rank in a passage where praise was anonymous. I intend to change much in the third section.

All your works projects have my complete sympathy. I hope to have tomorrow, by Sachs, from you and Berlin.

Do not hurt, in this letter, the low level of morale and get my, you and yours, my cordial greetings.

Your Freud.

(1) Physician (Leib - body and Arzt - doctor) normally means in German : personal physician, ordinary. But Freud plays on another specialized sense of Leib - belly, abdomen (N. d. T.). This is the Dr Walter Branch, Lecturer on gastrointestinal diseases at the University of Vienna.

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