15-05-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

I did not really concerned about your health in my last letter; I thought that there was nothing serious. That's what happens when your own pain you lock in your narcissism. I hasten to add my voice very warm good wishes to your doctor. I hope I will learn soon that you find yourself in your work and complete satisfaction. An attendant-way, Perhaps you apply a little to your health epigraph which you speak! Car, actually, you do not seem justified to see things in black.

Regarding the issue of the presidency, I entirely agree with you. Except that I do not quite understand how my proposal for the honorary presidency feels "retired", because its intention is to make our meetings you lead an active. I do not need, of course, make sure my absolute preference would be to see President. This issue will certainly, in the narrow circle of our friends, its fairest solution.

This letter, dear Professor, requires no response. Do not give, Just at this time, of unnecessary trouble. I want to complete what I told you last time by telling you that I have a small test site : "Relations between the drive for food and sex drive (1). "The Zeitschrift should still not be without my contribution.

I will tell you more about our plans for this summer, as soon as I know more myself! At the occasion, I want to know when your holiday; mid July or later? With cordial greetings and best wishes,

Votre Karl Abraham.

1. Cf. article cited in note 2 the letter of 3.3.13.

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