16-05-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PSYCHOANALYSIS Edited by Professor Dr Sigm. Freud editors : Dr. S. Ferenczi, Budapest, VII. Elisabethring 54/ Dr. Otto Rank, Vienna IX / 4, Simondenkgasse 8 Verlag Hugo Heller & C °, Vienna, The. Farmers Market N ° 3 Subscription Price ; year-round (6 Notebooks, 36-40 Bow) K. 21.60 = Mk. 18.

Vienna, the 16 may 1914

Cher Ami,

I react quickly to your friendly telegram : I'm uber-well-with, completely restored and better than before Brioni. Therefore, it is not yet time for the! I'm trying to correct “movement ψα” and I have in mind the recommendation of Jones not to mitigate. Him and Sachs, good letters today. Putnam, an honest advocacy for sexuality in The Interpretation of Dreams, in J.[ournal] of Abnormal Psychology (April to May). Otherwise, nothing but losses : Stanley Hall, as I said, quite Adlerian, la Spielrein, bonkers *, I wrote something against it 2. Scientia posting an article on Adler shrink.[psychology] individual] (3). Shortly, we invite America to rid the world of sexuality and aggression based on!

Your fantasy amphimixis of partial drives is eagerly awaited. Read anything sensible long.

Still no desire to work.

A Ophuijsen, we could tell right away the real reason and, the next time, you can really do.

The first action of Abraham will be well received, you too. The 20/21 September4 suits me perfectly. After, I will be ex-posed in Leiden, perhaps 23, then from Hamburg. Was still quite uncertain.


votre Freud redivivus **

* Yiddish in the text : madwoman, hammer.

** Latin in the text : resurrected, back to life.

  1. « Dream Interprétation and the Theory of Psychoanalysis », Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 1914 (April to May), 9, pp. 36-60.
  2. Spielrein (letter has not been found) had complained that Freud probably had something against it, because he did not send him patients. Freud replied, the 15 In 1914 : "That you also become dingo (bonkers), and with the same symptoms as your predecessors! I received one day, without suspecting anything, a letter from Ms. Jung, telling me that her husband was convinced that I wanted him. This was the beginning ; the end, you know. And your argument that I would not have sent yet no patient? This has manifested itself in exactly the same way in Adler, who thought himself persecuted because I sent him no patient. Do not you recognize that this mechanism is known to grow abused a person in order to make then responsible? » (Aldo Carotenuto Carlo Trombetta et, Sabina Spielrein entre Freud, Jung et; 1981, p. 275.)
  3. "Individual Psychology, their conditions and results » (Indi-vidual psychology, its assumptions and results), Scientia, 1914, 16, 74-87.
  4. The proposed date for the conference planned.

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