02-06-1914 Freud to Jones

2 June 1914

Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

Dear Jones,

I returned last night from Budapest, Rank and where I, accompanied by Ferenczi as an interpreter, have helped to become Mrs. Loe. Herbert Jones. I am sure that you must be painful, as it is for me, when I remember the sequence of events, since this evening, a cafe in Weimar, where you proposed to me to take treatment, to the moments where I assisted in his new marriage. It is a remarkable chain of changes between people and feelings, and salient points seem to me that our relationship was not spoiled and I even learned to love the other. For her, I fully appreciate what I learned from you the first time that you have described himself. She is charming, this is a gem as you call it in your letter of great nobility of spirit, and it is too extraordinarily abnormal for the happiness of a worker. It must be judged for it, with a standard that is adapted to its only me.

Although youthful appearance, Herbert J. is actually an accomplished man, and I hope they have as much happiness as his health permits it in the next time. The couple will spend a few days in Semmering, then return to Vienna to stay until my departure. I have no hope that it gets rid of morphine by then, but I think it is wiser not to ask her what she can not give, and I am anxious not to lose my credit with her. All things considered, it must disarm criticism and make a friend.

Turning now to the other points of your letter I had brought with me BPEST to answer on the ground, but I have not been able. I sincerely thank you for your corrections to my events, all certainly deserve consideration. I will add a few lines on Pf. where, I know, the most vulnerable link-able harness. I'm sorry that you follow the doings of Jung with much concern. It is inevitable that follow his path, accomplish its mission, produce impressions and eventually personify some resistance that ψα is expected to meet on its way. I'm not at all worried about what he produces, but I say that no one can predict what will. Even God or the Devil, perhaps, do not know much about it at the time it is. I do not need to follow the step by England to bring him on-the contradiction- champ, except perhaps on one occasion, you can choose your option. Let him speak and challenge him curtly and without writing thank you. I read these days a "Nachwort" to the second edition of "Inhalt der Psycho 1 », which appear unrelated series Fonts. He recognizes that his "constructive psychology" is not the science and, to finish, does not hide his membership Bergson. So you see he found another Jew for his father complex. I'm not jealous.

Our projects have now been arrested for. The 12 juillet à Carlsbad, that I need this time than in previous years, with my wife. 4 août à Seis (Tyrol), where we find my sister. 18 September, departure for Dresden, where I hope to meet my friends from the committee before Congress, 20/21 Congress, 24 September conference in Leiden (2) ; in those waters, I count (3) my daughter will come to England, not enough time to make the crossing, - And finally a few days in Hamburg with her (4). My failing health prompts me to not travel much (5).

Attached letter from Putnam, which is probably not the last word, as he is brave. Fighting for ψα, I must let you, young, because they are only just beginning and I do not see the end.

I will not tell Lina information on morphine, but I remain skeptical, I confess, and have no certainty on the matter.

Thank you for sending addresses to Fisher Unwin. If it is not customary to send books to people, I will not innovation.

I saw Sachs, he raved about London and you.

Please excuse this letter, Despite its length, can not be equivalent to yours, and think about your



1. See Jung (1908, 1915).

2. The beginning of the First World War was to prevent Congress as Conference Leiden.

3. Freud first wrote except (excepter) instead’expect (expect).

4. Avec Anna Freud.

5. The may avoid much more travelling feeling somewhat shaken in health (sic).

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