12-06-1914 Freud to Sabina Spielrein

Freud à Sabina Spielrein

12 June 1914 Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19

Dear Madam,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you a few words. I gather somehow a node that I have to tell you. I ask you to let me know if you want to appear on the header of the journal23. Whether, it will be for the next issue. But think carefully ! We will soon have removed all names and their addresses Zurich there. It is for you to a position of sharper now if you include your name on the header. Because you are still in love with Jung, you can not really angry with him, you still see him as the hero pursued by the pack, you write me using phrases from his conception of libido, and you want to Abraham when he said his truths ! So you have to take a clear decision ; do not hesitate succeed more than good Pfister who suddenly finds himself between two stools24. Do you impose any constraint, but thoroughly to be what you decide.

Of course, I hope you manage to get rid of as bric-a-brac of the ideal childhood hero and knight Germanic hides all your opposition to your environment and your home; and I hope you do not expect this misleading image that originally the child you want your father certainly. Test your teaching are undoubtedly in the right direction. Your inner fire that warms your ambitions instead of consume you. Nothing is more powerful than passion controlled and derived. You can not take anything for the moment as you are torn on both sides.

Sincerely welcome you if you stay with us, but then you have to recognize that the enemy is in front.

With my sincere wishes,

Your Freud

23. This is the Yearbook.

24. Cf. S. Freud, C.G. Young, Correspondence, op.cit., t. The, p. 269, n. 11 and passim. In the correspondence reud / Pfister, no letter has been preserved for years 1914-1918 and the last letter 1913 is dated 11 March, well before the Munich Congress.

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