17-06-1914 Jones to Freud

17 June 1914

69 Portland Court, London

Dear Professor Freud,

Your letter was eagerly awaited and much more welcome than usual. Your comments on the wedding Loe, etc., touched a chord in me sen-sible. You confirm the appreciation which I had expressed in Weimar and, at the time, you probably had seemed exaggerated. In spite of all this I can honestly say that I am delighted that we are parted and she has married another is the best illustration of the intolerable suffering it caused me, and you can guess that a relatively modest. Today, I almost fully paid her on the emotional and my attitude hardly goes beyond the fervent wish her to be happy.

For me too, The most remarkable feature of this chain of events is how our relationship has more than withstood the tension - this is even a question psychologically interesting - and I can not ascribing this, with deep gratitude, [your (1)] to feel truly English equity you have shown all along and your kindness to me even though you had presented a distorted picture of my shortcomings. All this has forged a permanent link in my feelings towards you.

Your remarks on Jung gave me a lot of good, and were obviously necessary. You rightly guessed that I was too much bad blood about it, and your letter reminded me more cold-blooded. The issue of my participation in the conference seems to me most important, and I will make my decision later, based on other considerations.

Thank you also for the translation of Everyday life (2), which imposes. Probably she will work well. Fisher Unwin asked me a book, so now I have here four publishers willing to take books ψα.

I was disappointed by a point in your letter - you guess which easily. I had hoped that the conference would take place earlier Leiden, in september, and you could spend some time in London before moving to Dresden. But I see that this is impossible and must wait for the pleasure of a visit next year – then we need to organize a regular meeting of friends (? Ferenczi et Rank).

Circular Letter of Abraham seems excellent, and in my opinion it should give some results.

I'm busy correcting the proofs of Yearbook. Tests your Narzis- smus they are already ready (3) ? I look forward to reading ; Sachs has touched me in a word.

This year, I will not take vacation, except in Dresden – with your permis-sion - Leiden, but I go to the countryside every Sunday, it gives me great pleasure. It's wonderful to be back in England !

Affectionately to you


1. Lined in the original.

2. Brill (1914).

3. Freud (1914 c).

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