19-06-1914 Freud to Binswanger

97 F

Prof., Dr. Freud

Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19 the 19 June 1914

Dear Doctor !

I'm not nearly as "outraged" as you think. I found the same explanation that you offer. I just think psychiatrists also read the magazine, and I did not go willingly to your contributions. Can- be you I made this impression because of malicious

my concern, because I did not draw more information from the second letter of the first, to deduce if you're just "moody" or if you have a real reason for concern.

The VIand volume of the Jahrbuch is now complete and should appear in about three weeks. Your offer appreciable arrives too late, but in the next Jahrbuch (1) we will keep you plenty of room and do not want to do without you.

Soon you will receive something printed (2) on my part and I look forward to your response. Begging you to give your new Regards

your Freud

1. N'a pas digit.

2. Freud (1914d) ; cf. 99 B.

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