05-06-1914 Freud to Abraham

* Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19


Cher ami,

Yesterday I read your work for Yearbook and I can not remember to congratulate you. I think this is the best contribution that clinic we've ever seen in 5 volumes : its insurance, its correction, wealth, interest do not have equal. Quent living!

Rank you have talked about immediate political interests that concern us now. You think the Swiss and Appendix leave Munich before Congress; I disagree with your insurance. In any case, it remains uncertain and our preparations for the congress are disrupted : in case they would be present, they will have to be different for otherwise, where we will have peace among us.

There would be a means : is ask (time) directly Maeder and Seif think if their groups to attend the conference, making it clear that this application is motivated by the need to identify the topic of discussion.

I think for me the theme : "Purpose and end a psychoanalytic association", in order to prove the existence of the Association, reject the objections relating to restrictions on scientific research, and give the Swiss, they are participants, a consilium abeundi. The theme could remain the same if we would not already immune to the troubles. I do not care no effects that occur on U.S. groups, that, anyway, can never be closely associated with us. I hope that London will remain with us.

I found it very elegant, and I defended the process against Rank, you do not, in your Korrespondenzblatt, more explicitly denounced the dirty work of Zurich. But Congress, you would not need to take gloves.


Your faithful


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