07-06-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

478 Iron

Budapest, the 7 June 1914

Dear Professor

I think a lot to work on narcissism and, ci, there come to mind things that are associated. As you have not yet completed the correction (I believe that), I would draw your attention to a passage : the interpretation of certain terms could lead to misunderstanding, but changing a single word would not misunderstanding.

You talk about two kinds of "end of the world" [Doomsday], that of dementia and of being in love. But the world is lost in dementia, while, when in love, it is an end of me [Ichuntergang], which can lead to a catastrophe in its wake no less and have an equally psychologically revolutionizing the regression to narcissism in dementia.

This time, I will spare you other suckers this topic.

Madame G. cordially greet you,

Ferenczi your

When in love, the world is not going to ruin, but the object of love is to love the world.

1. "The highest stage of development that can reach the object libido, we see in the state of passion which appears as a divestiture of the person's own, the benefit of the investment object ; the opposite is in the fantasy (self-perception) end of world, in the paranoid " (Freud, 1914c), On Narcissism, pp. 83-84.

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