12-06-1914 Freud to Binswanger

96 F

Prof.. Dr. Freud

Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19 the 12 June 1914

Dear Doctor !

I warmly congratulate you for your fourth offspring (1) I only wish to better read your letter to provide valid arguments concerns (2) who reflected. It seems to me that you cancel your own prognosis.

The news of your conference (3) I was very pleased. But I do not understand why you have given to Alzheimer's (4) for publication rather than supporting our review of your contribution ?

What we do here ? We prepare the new Jahrbuch hoping that its publication will divorce with a true Swiss (6). I will work this summer, in Seis am

Schlern where we go after Karlsbad, writing my contribution to Kraus. End of September, after the conference , I'll do a conference in Leiden .

I cordially greet you, and your family, which is not so small, and I hope shortly to hear your good news,

Your Freud

  1. Wolfgang Binswanger né le 8 June 1914,
  2. Cf. 65 F note 1.
  3. "Questions of everyday psychology in clinical psychiatry", lecture at the 50and meeting of the Swiss psychiatrists at Bellevue 2 June 1914 (1914b).
  4. Alois Alzheimer (1864-1915) ; psychiatrist ; discovered neurological disease that bears his name ; avec Lewandowsky, fondateur de la Journal for the entire Neurology and Psychiatry, then, of 1910 at 1915, worked with other publishers of this magazine. Binswanger had proposed his lecture on 9 June 1914 and received the acceptance 21 June 1914 ; cf. BA 443/34.
  5. T. 6 (1914). It contained no contribution analysts Swiss, but consisted mostly polemic Freud, completed in February 1914 : "Contribution to the history of the psychoanalytic movement", pp. 207-260. (1914d) ; cf. also 97 F.
  6. Cf. 75 F, note 4.
  7. The following psychoanalytic congress to be held in Dresden 20 September ; cf. Jones (1960-62), t. 2, p. 209. Dans le Korrespondenzblatt der Internat. Zschr. ârztl. Psychoanal., t. 2 (1914), p. 483, appeared the following statement : following the "world events", Congress "had to be postponed sine die".
  8. Invited by Jelgersma, Freud had to give a lecture at the University of Leiden 24 September. Because of the war, this plan was canceled. Instead, he spent twelve days, from 16 September, his daughter Sophie in Hamburg. Cf. Jones (1960-62), t. 2, p. 209 ff.

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