22-06-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

480 F

Prof.. Dr. Freud

the 22 June 1914 Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

Cher Ami,

We live in expectation of the "bomb" that must be shipped upon arrival. For the time being, anything that could interest me more strongly.

Your contributions or sketches, I also look forward. It seems to me that the Zeitschrift now needs some strong achievements. Regarding the ambivalence, should think especially the work of Bleuler (1). Abraham, in Prince, right in his remarks about the work listed, but it is really not a good time to brandish the red pencil criticism, otherwise we have no contribution; we must admit a diversity of viewpoints, or an alloy with a certain percentage of non-sense. – Putnam wrote me, me too, more kindly than usual (2). It is possible that four American, we gardions three years after the schism (3).

Regarding the summer, I will reveal that I have a craving for a time of solitude, because in Seis I do work for Kraus (4), which can not be cured in the course of quiet walks. After, all depend on when I'm done with this work, four weeks, perhaps, thus 4 or 5 September. Abraham will come before Congress. That would be fine then, if we could go all the period from 18 until September to go to Holland or Hamburg. The period 4 to 18 September has not yet taken, may remain Seis us; I will inform you of each phase.

You really should attend the conference occultist (5). But after the, it is not compatible with our convention (16-24 October!).

A Madame G., hi my cordial.

Otherwise, I work as a new real beast, of 8 am to 9 ½ hour evening!

Your Freud

1. "The excellent speech" (Freud, 1912-1913, Totem et tabou, 1947, p. 47) ambivalence was introduced in 1910 by Bleuler at a conference entitled "Über Ambivalenz" (De l'ambivalence), account in Zentralblatt 1910-1911, 1, pp. 266-268, et dans dementia praecox or group of schizophrenias (Dementia praecox or group of schizophrenias), Leipzig et Vienne, 1911.

2. In his letter of 2 June, Putnam had rented the study of Freud on Moses (Freud, 1914A), ("The Moses of Michelangelo", Tests applied psychoanalysis, pp. 9-40) and shared the view of Freud Adler : "I think you just see; I also believe that my own complex push me too anxious to attempts to ” justice “, which are, actually, that attempts at conciliation " (Hale, Putnam, p. 204).

3. La New York Psychoanalytical Society fondée par Brill, l’American Psychoanalytical Association initiée par Jones, la Washington-Baltimore Psychoanalytic Society fondée par William Alanson White (1870-1937) Boston Psychoanalytic Society and founded in 1914, with Putnam as president and Isidor Coriat (1875-1943) as secretary. Freud was feared the defection groups around Ely Smith White and Jelliffe (1866-1945) who had accepted the concept of libido by Jung desexualized.

4. Le projet de "Psychoanalytic view of the neuroses" (Presentation psychoanalytical neuroses) (see 432 F and notes 2).

5. An abandoned project due to the war.

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