28-06-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

483 F

Prof.. Dr. Freud

the 28 June 1914 Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19

Cher Ami,

I write within the scope of the Sarajevo assassination surprising (1), whose consequences are quite unpredictable. It seems to me that the personal involvement takes place shortly.

And now, our business! I think you are too harsh on Jones. For example, there was not even necessary to distinguish between ego-libido and object libido and, more, this work is a circle of listeners specific. I will give you reason to a point : he speaks repeatedly of introversion 2 where mean regression. This could well be accused. The essential : remarks on how a neurosis can hide another, or something serious, are also new qu'importantes. They come, if my memory does not deceive me, an "author unknown"3, told him that the case in question. It, you will not blame him, or in writing, or orally.

I think you are right to assume that your manuscript4 has exceptional importance. It is an attempt that promises much and that is an urgent need. I just been a good ten years on these issues, but I am not seriously attacked, unable to rn'appuyer on the observation. The fulcrum, observation of postmenopausal women has now provided you. I have a lot to advise you and offer you about it, but I can do so in writing. I frankly confess that I'm still too tired by internally, although, one façade, I still take the shot during the week. You will come to Vienna again, j’imagine, before I left, since, exactly, we will see later this year. We then discuss, and that is why I keep your sketch.

On the advice of friends, I gave, this year, the "evening Konstantinhügel" 5, so you can choose your days as you please.

No reaction to the bomb is still felt, outside Vienna, naturally. Here, some - few - are excited; others suggest more clearly that it would be too sharp, and you can imagine what others will tell. I do not believe that all subsequent statements, consequences, and even libel affect me much. For once, I gave the air - it was worth it - and I still relies on a solution to this untenable relationship with Zurich. I certainly do not pursue the controversy.

I still need to work fifteen days, here, of 8 h. the morning 9 h. Evening. Martin is already in Salzburg, au tribunal 6. Anna leaves before we, the 7 July7. It was in fact extraordinarily difficult one year.

Waiting to be hearing from you or see you,

Your Freud.

  1. The assassination of the Austrian Crown Prince, François-Ferdinand, and his wife, the 28 June, by Gavrilo Princip and other terrorist movement "Young Bosnia", triggered a chain reaction leading to the First World War.
  2. « Introversion » (withdrawal of the libido in its own self) is a concept that was introduced by Jung.
  3. Freud himself had raised the issue in "early treatment" (1913c) : "We are often forced to ask, when dealing with a neurosis with hysterical symptoms and obsessive… if we do not deal with early onset of dementia, following the name he was given (de schizophrenia, following Bleuler) of paraphrenia, as I prefer to call… », Psychoanalytic technique, 1967, pp. 81-82. However, Freud could also refer to the remarks made by Ferenczi about Jones (during the analysis of the latter?).
  4. See 482 Iron and notes 1.
  5. The farewell meeting traditional Viennese Association, at the end of the work year.
  6. See 438 Iron, note 1.
  7. A Hambourg, where she left the 18 July for England. The return journey to Vienna could not do that through Gibraltar and Genoa, with the help of Jones and under the protection of the Austrian ambassador.

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