22-06-1914 Binswanger to Freud

98 B

Constance, the 22 June 1914

Dear Professor !

Thank you very much for your letter of 19 June. I only ask you to tell me about when the next volume to be published in the Jahrbuch. I am very excited by the announced.

Since the 18, I resumed service, what I weigh a little. I'm not moody, not really worried, it was only a nicotine poisoning (1) with cerebral and cardiac events. I still suffer some dizziness and a slight tendency to exhaustion, but I'm still working better than doing nothing.

With cordial greetings, I remain, dear Professor, faithfully

your [The. Binswanger]

1. In the Journal of Binswanger (II, pp. 5-8), found at the time of 12 June [1917] the dramatic story of a new nicotine poisoning : "First nicotine poisoning three years. Vascular nature of the crisis even more pronounced at this time. »

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