29-06-1914 Freud to Lou

Vienna, TheX, Berggasse 19

29. 6. 14

Dear Madam,

My letter today - contrary to what you might think - does not refer to the slightest provocation you have attempted to introduce into yours. My brave Rank is responsible for sending bulk reprints and I proposed, after a suitable interval, ask you to make your criticism.

They are much nicer than I dared hope. But I guess there must be another side to the coin that you have not yet shown. Because this topic is not pleasant. Accuse and denounce, expose and redress, it is not a pleasant task and it is not part of these operations that I made with a special sympathy. Life means that one is sometimes forced to what we hate most in the world. I have managed to solve this by writing bounden duty somehow to myself, as representing the single instance and abstracting me as much as possible of a court whose favor I had to get. So I intentionally lavished profanity everyone, and, my close friends, I did not need to win my case, as many compliments as I wanted. But deep inside me stirs still need to know how the whole can be seen by a third person - a judge, man or woman -, and I confess that I had assigned this role.

Naturally, I also know that the opponents, the talkers and performers tendentious also fulfill an important mission : they accommodate material, also difficult to assimilate, the use of the digestive system of the mass, but there are not things that we confess aloud. I support the true fulfillment of this mission in the dirt cursing suffered by this object, is even, during this procedure.

With the hope that your health is good, I

Freud yours truly.

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