01-07-1914 Jones to Freud

1he July 1914

69 Portland Court, London

Dear Professor Freud,

I present two arrived, I thank you : reprint the "historical", where changes have interested me, and the quotation from Goethe fun (1) ; and trials of Narzissmus. I can not say anything yet, because it is one of your articles "advanced" (as Chapter VII of the Tram interpretation) which requires more than reading. We have this time a good Yearbook, who will decide on the final.

Ferenczi to spend a month in London this summer, and I hope he will follow this project.

Friday, I went to Durham for a conference on "The role of repression in oblivion", jointly organized by the British Psychological Society, the Aristotelian Society, the Mind Association et. I've received four communications which will be presented, and I will send you later. Three of them are excel-lent, one being a remarkably high level, although critical. You will be surprised, I believe, their quality (2).

Our latest visitor was here Frink, President of the New York Society ψα (3). He intends to come late May you be analyzed by, Abraham or very ! It seems an honest man, but very limited. It gave no specific new America, and a seemed very satisfied with the group NY.

I recently had news of Abraham, and I am anxious to know the result of the bomb, however, your reprint may obviate; I suggested to wait three or four weeks, is possible, as Jung can still play in our hands (4).

Three others went by Jung, two to three weeks ! The wife of Eder, Dr Nicholl (5) - A young promising enough, but influenced by the Dr Constance Long - and a colleague of Miss Long. This month, Jung down a week with Miss Long, and she wanted our society invited him to speak to us – what I heard my opposite veto. [The (6)] Bryan me is a great help, because I can not rely on Eder. Bryan is our Vice President, and he became President in case I am elected President of the Vereinigung, matter - I guess - has not yet been decided (7).

I did not intend to go to the Berne Convention, because I have a lot of work here. Patients continue to come, and I have seven hours of analysis per week throughout the summer.

If it is too hot here in Vienna today, you will be especially pleased to flee, even if you will be delighted anyway. Your daughter is in England this month, is it not ? I hope to have the opportunity to see for some time.

I do not have much new to add, you see, my last letter – things are pretty quiet throughout the time it is. I send you my best wishes for a fruitful and beneficial holiday, I'm sure you will enjoy. Remember, please, send me your address in Carlsbad.

Faithfully to you


1. The epigraph of the 3and section (Freud, 1914 d, p. 42) is borrowed from the last few verses Goethe : "Make it short ! A.m last day it's just a fart " "Be brief, for the day of judgment, as prevail in the wind. »

2. For contributions T. H. Pear, A. Wolf, T. In. Mitchell et T. Loveday, réunies sous le titre The Rôle of Repression in Forgetting, see British Journal of Psychology, 7 (1914-1915), p. 139-165.

3. Horace W. Frink (1883-1935) was analyzed by Freud after the war; for a short period, Freud and Jones were to see him as one of the most promising American psychoanalysts. Early 1920, he left his wife for another, then succumbed to mental illness before experiencing a tragic end.

4. Along with Freud (1914 d), Circular Letter of Abraham, he had prepared in his capacity as acting president of the International Psychoanalytic Association, was to bring the company to withdraw from Zurich International (it was the 10 July) ; see the letters exchanged in July-let 1914 between Freud and Abraham (H. Abraham et E. Freud, 1965, p. 181-186).

5. Maurice Nicoll, founding member of the London Psycho-Analytic Society (30 October 1913).

6. Lined in the original.

7. Without the outbreak of hostilities, Jones would probably become president of the International Psychoanalytic Association in September 1914.

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