05-07-1914 Lou to Freud

Göttingen, 5. VII. 1914

Dear Professor,

Not, I have not tried to conceal objections - the most terrifying frankness would have appeared black on white, I think as little, in that event, a blurring resulting from this sincerity. I just tried to express myself with much brevity as mass mailing of an important book bringing with itself a massive sending of replies, I was terrified for you.

Reading your essay, I said with some irritation that any revolution raises indignant outcries ; but it belongs to the most specific of Freudian psychoanalysis to have to endure a whole new way and to see themselves forced into these "démasquages", "Charges" and very painful discussions. Because only, your discoveries are constantly located, and progress, behind resistors (in all of us) and we completely forgot our childlike joy when playing hide-buffer, where it was intentionally hidden climbed out of his corner with a cry of triumph. That we can not convince anyone here - unless there really is predisposed in advance -, agreement between the experience and knowledge is what is more attractive and more in this new science and this is what lends itself to all these struggles one side so pathetic.

Certainly, nobody can predict whether, outside the actual psychoanalytic research, in these other environments where they are considered philosophical perspective, etc., opinions concorderont always ; because this is where they decide for each very personally, even when we want to release it fully. But while questionable that lie on the outskirts of psychoanalysis can never ceased to exist, better, do not even should ; I think the misunderstanding of the various "splits" * are almost all that we have moved the nuclear issue of its central location and it takes a while to start elsewhere ; and that, only for personal reasons. There is just one year since I corresponded with Adler 27 on that ; at this time, I had a great desire to submit the response letter and IA ; later, I would also like to, well today, I have known, I hope, better explain.

This was, I tried to write a book that I titled And anal sex28, I do not know if this is publishable, but in the meantime, I am told myself.

We meet in these days of the end of September that we are entitled to provide storm 29. It may be that I beg leave to present a guest 30, which will probably be useful someday.

Your Lou Andreas.

* “Divisions”.

27. The 12 August 1913, Lou A.-S. wrote from Göttingen to Alfred Adler "to make certain that I understand things differently today than last summer, I wrote to you for the first time ". Adler replied the 16 August. Both letters are published in the Journal, pp. 388-392.

28. This book was published under this title in the fifth installment of the fourth year of Imago.

29. It had been planned a congress in Dresden for 20/21 September ; it did not happen, probably because of the war. Lou A.-S. expected a "stormy course" discussion.

30. Given the circumstances, he may have acted Eduard Spranger, which (at this time, he taught at Leipzig) had addressed it to the end of May about a magazine he wanted to start to serve the youth. "Vos nouvelles In Between Land (1902) touched me deep in my work and my feeling. "She could not approve this draft Spranger, but resulted from the first letters of correspondence and exchange of ideas and lively meetings from person to person, probably until October 1914.

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