07-07-1914 Freud to Jones

7 July 1914 (1)

Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19

Dear Jones,

This is a bad time to write letters, time the hottest and most intense work of the year. I'm pretty exhausted and decided to close shop next Saturday ; our departure was made uncertain by the sudden illness of my sister, a bad flu with bronchopneumonia, she has a fever for a week and, as you know, it is impossible to say how it will evolve. My daughter will leave the 7 this month, she will go to England 15, and perhaps you will the opportunity to view or before August.

Regarding Loe, morphine campaign was cut short ; trying to break free, she became so miserable that it was impossible to continue in the short time that we had before us. She had started too late, and had a lot of trouble consciously, but the internal resistance is too high. As the success of recent years, it is easy to understand that there has consented because she was not satisfied. This time, it was, and she had to learn what were the difficulties. I do not think she has cheated us more than once (I knew) during treatment, and I guess it is more reliable than his accuser. I hope it will stick now to smaller doses. The uncertainty about the true nature of his pain was a barrier to treatment therefore. After studying its latest reactions, I incline strongly to the solution - from the far more important is indeed hysterical.

I am delighted that you inherit the good company of Ferenczi, because I am in need of a few weeks this summer isolation. I wrote to Abraham to offer him his hand circular 20 this month, unless the holy men of Switzerland react before. I am delighted that you are inaccessible to Jung when it comes to London. He could try flattery and compromise.

Yours, with my best wishes


1. Actually, This letter was probably written a few days earlier. See response Jones, letter 196 [7.7.14]

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