07-07-1914 Freud to Lou

Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19

7. 7. 1914

Dear Madam,

I am so busy that it is better that I answer you without delay.

Thank you from my heart for your letter. I was very pleased to learn that you have already seen, there is a year, of attempts to move the center of the problem and that you have known for such. It remains only to discuss the reasons which they arise.

I believe that by allowing me to read your correspondence with Adler, you give me a mark of confidence. The letter shows its specific virulence and perfectly characterizes his personality. I do not think she mad the portrait I drew of him. Say in proper German (then it will be easier to continue) that he is a disgusting.

I never fought divergent views in the sphere of research on ψα,especially since I usually have myself several opinions on the same subject, at least until I publish one of them. But it must maintain its unity kernel, otherwise it would change the whole atmosphere.

We can not predict today how Congress will be held. It may be that everything happens in the greatest calm, especially if, at that time, the Swiss were removed. Otherwise, I would not risk our review on this map.

The mysterious guest that you advertise will be very well received by all. And if you are told And anal sex, doubt that the brothers (31) want to listen, also.



31. A hint - common - Freud about the feeling of Lou A. S. (as she later expressed in Life in Review) some belonging to his brothers, experienced by her in her childhood, and it was later "shine on all men of the world". ("It seemed to me always find hidden in each one of my brothers. ») Louise von Salomé was born 12 February 1861 five brothers (which two died young). Freud speaks mostly of six brothers.

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