17-07-1914 Jones to Freud

17 July 1914

69 Portland Court, London

Dear Professor Freud,

I was really excited to learn the restoration of your sister, both in its interest for the freedom that makes you in your travel plans. I hope you will now have all the rest you need to Carlsbad, so that you are rested and again in September.

I went to the meeting with your daughter yesterday (1), imagining that she had to go through Hamburg, and I found it in good shape, very satisfied with the little trip. I have accompanied, she and her friend, because they had to travel a route through the countryside complicated, with several train changes, etc. She told me that you were grossly overworked lately ; I hope, next year, you will show more restraint in your hard work, because it must be very exhausting.

Bleuler's letter seemed, generally, very satisfactory, and very character-istic ; I addressed to Abraham. I look forward to the Interpretation of Dreams. I have not played since the release of the latest edition, This is for me a long interval, and I am delighted with the opportunity to refresh my memory on various issues as well as to study the additions(2).

Eder reacted badly to the "sharp spoon", deeming it "despicable, unworthy of you, missing generosity towards the valuable work done by Jung ", etc. – which is a typical example of emotional judgment. Its tendency is clearly a compromise on the matter, but he has sympathy for Jung on the religious and he is caught in a strange rebellion Semitic – a jumble of complex personal.

Rank tells me that Ferenczi's coming to London, but I have not had any news of it ; it's hard to take the pen and usually responds that second stimulus.

With all my best wishes

Affectionately to you


1. Anna Freud.

2. Freud (1900 a), 4and ed. 1914.

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