05-07-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

I have received so far no sign of Zurich and Munich. Unless you manifestiez other desires, Sunday, I will let the letter to Maeder and Seif.

In conclusion of the summer semester, I did, samedi dernier la «Association for Sexology", a presentation on incest, marriage between parents and exogamy. I found a lot more understanding and approval that I was not expecting.

Now I have to once again ask your advice. There is some time, I told you I wanted to talk of Dresden Psychosis. Meantime, I came to think that it was desirable to have greater experience, before intervening publicly; This theme might be, as a report central, be discussed in an upcoming conference. Another issue is needed now to me. I think I succeeded, through several analyzes I conducted this year, to light almost completely premature ejaculation, that is to say, until the deepest roots, in the first two years of life. I would like to present the results to Congress. But I wonder if you find that the subject is appropriate. Moreover, I would like to point out that I should then analyze in some detail castration anxiety; or what you told me at Christmas, during the trip to Berlin, is not yet published! Would be best, of course, you talk yourself of these things to Dresden; I could then, so to speak, demonstrate its application to a particular issue. The rest, the derivation of castration anxiety is one of the results I have gained.

The holidays are now close to you; in case I would not have the opportunity to write to you now and then, I want you now wish, to you and yours, a good trip and a good rest. I would like to also know your address in Karlsbad. - My wife goes tomorrow with the kids on the Baltic.

Cordial greetings to you all from all of us

Abraham your.

The answer to the above questions do not press!

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