06-07-1914 Eitingon to Freud

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[En-tête III Berlin], the 6 July 1914

Dear Professor,

Thanks for the "History of the Psychoanalytic Movement1 ». With emotion and admiration – these emotions that I know so well in good reader of your text -, I recognized by your pen, which opened as far plow our land darkest and most fertile and now turns into a sharp blade2. The shots are good and the people involved have beautiful ride on their hind legs, these scars will not fade. It was good to see the melee eccentric, This Babylonian confusion of languages ​​of those who are no longer with us extensively torn off by the echo of your voice on what the analysis and where it is not.

It is tremendously exciting to hear the story of these years, where you, only, laid the foundations for what unites us and leads us, of what we are more eager than ever to contribute actively.3

A personal thank you cordially for so kindly mentioned this moment my instinct led me right to you in Vienna3. It is the same impulse that leads me to ask you now if Ib you could visit in late July for a day at Karlsbad, as I did last year at Marienbad.

This could also be the beginning of August, any date me because we should also remain after our conference in Berlin4.

With my best wishes for your cure in Karlsbad, I remain

in my old and faithful devotion Your M. Eitingon

  1. Ms : "More" and "ever" afterthought.
  2. In the manuscript, followed by "you" afterthought and making duplicate.
  3. Freud was widely disseminated in the form of reprint this polemic (1914d) shot of 6′ flight. you yearbook, with whom he wanted to provoke a split with Zurich (voir Schröter 1995a, p. 527).
  4. Reversal of the biblical phrase (eg. Isaiah 2, 4) : swords become plows.
  5. In Freud's text, on lit (1914d, p. 65) : "In January 1907, the first member of the Zurich clinic, le Dr Eitingon, came to Vienna. "To get the date of the visit, Freud asked Abraham, which is sent through Eitingon (Apr. à Freud, 15 January : F/A, p. 159). See the Introduction, p. 11.
  6. For 20 and 21 September, we had planned a congress in Dresden API. It was canceled because of the war.

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