10-07-1914 Freud to Abraham

* Vienna, IX, Berggasse 19


Cher ami,

I just spent two weeks have been the busiest of the year and I have resisted. I note that the strand of sympathy to show my friends during the "bomb" still makes me much good. Still no reaction Zurich! Have I suggested waiting until 20 to send the circular?

Lou Salome sent me a letter she had with Adler - we see in any light penetration and clarity Lou, but treachery and baseness Adler; to deal with such a scoundrel!… Casimiro also sometimes loses his courage.

The Interpretation of Dreams arrived today and it will come soon.

We can not begin work presentations planned for Dresden if we are safe non-Swiss. If the band is famous, we will not say a word. Premature ejaculation would seem then be a very appropriate theme. Treat the issue of castration only insofar as it seemed useful you will. To me, the time of publication has not yet come. Things are complicated, extended, and thereby away from their solution, so I ask you to show you also reserve, in the interest of prudence.

I had seen the original organization of the first human sexuality [the Uraufbau of early human sexuality] ; I will join you later. But for the moment, after work 12 at 13 hours per day for two weeks, I am unable to synthesize and I am anxious holiday.

Hoping to find yours now well along the Baltic.

Your cordially dedicated


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