16-07-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

It's a good thing that our letters do not be crossed once more. It is with great satisfaction that I consider the forthcoming withdrawal of the Swiss (1).

Bleuler's letter that Jones sent me today remember the last time passed Burghölzli, Jung distant association : This is undoubtedly a gateway can Bleuler us back. Have you paid attention to the last sentence?

I think that would Bleuler encouraged him to take the lead in Switzerland. We invite all the same Congress; we'll see what happens. Compensate its rallying in the face of all the world's wrongs we have cause schism.

For the case in hand Pfister, I notice quite opposite to yours, dear Professor!

I look forward to the latest revelations about the sexuality of the child!

Yet 10 or 12 days, and I'm off.

Receive, you and your wife, the very best wishes for your

Karl Abraham.

(1) Refers to Jung and his followers.

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