18-07-1914 Freud to Abraham

* Carlsbad, villa Fasolt


Cher ami,

I can not suppress a hooray. So here we are rid of them! We reproduce their indignation manifest in the next Korrespondenzblatt, where you can, I hope, You decide the case as President definitive.

You will find attached two letters : a statement and a letter from Putnam Maeder, that, like the one he sent you, also remain unanswered. The magazine will be very happy to not only repel Maeder, but Riklin, Seif and other. My bomb has therefore the effect. But it is advisable that your circular or reached its destination. We will have another good conference.

Come when you want. I need to track how I can organize the work. Additional, I do not really know if I'll want to work. I was much more difficult to deny you that I had proposed earlier to spend the whole summer together, at a time when I did not think still work during the holidays. The appointment is due to the delayed project to visit Lake Maggiore my wife, early September.

Do not be afraid to bother me again frequently in my cure. New like these are good.

Receive my cordial greetings and thanks.

Your Freud.

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