23-07-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Berlin W, Rankestrasse 24


Dear Professor,

Here I am at the point where I perform moaning as my last working day. Sunday morning, on vacation. (My address : Brunshaupten i / Mecklenburg, Hôtel Dünenhaus.)

The two letters circulating. Putnam could provide more information; However, his statement is valuable, insofar as it shows that our organization has nothing to fear in America. Maeder letter is courteous in tone : there is no denying; the explanatory reference types or, more exactly, racial differences in intelligence do not win be repeated. This is a real mattress sybarite; car, in this position, it is unassailable. The manifesto Maeder told me I am not yet reached. Seif I was not given any response (last fortnight). So we would always reduced to indices which suggest that not participate in Zurich conference, if the circular invitation had already attracted a number of characteristic reactions.

The publication of a book on French psychoanalysis is a good sign. And reissue The Interpretation of Dreams is a sign still much better. Thank you very much for sending me a copy! I hope to play a part during the holidays. Also receive my compliments.

I visited Mme A. in hotel. She speaks to stay in Berlin. I was surprised to learn she read the “Predisposition to obsessional neurosis”(1).

I stay with Brunshaupten my wife and children to 3 August, Then I go to Bremen, where I will be back on 7 August, and then I send off with Eitingon final congress program. The 9 or 10, we go to the Tyrol.

After greatly disturbed cure your projects, I just add my very best wishes again to you and your wife. Begging you please also give me news of your sister at the first opportunity,

Votre Karl Abraham.

(1) Cf. note of the letter of 31.7.13.

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