23-07-1914 Freud to Eitingon

56 F

[Header Vienna], Carlsbad, the 23 July 1914

Dear Doctor

You will be quite welcome home the 28, even if you do not bring us the news of the departure of Zurich1. The villa is located close Fasolt, sur le Schlossberg, above the market. We will stay in the facility where we are for the life of the treatment interruption does not admit. Likely in the "Friendship Hall" for breakfast.

Goodbye and all greetings from my wife to yours.

Your Freud

1. The resignation of the group out of the API Jung took place at the 10 July (FROM 1914, p. 483). But the "manifest" that justified this approach did not arrive at the plant and two weeks later (Apr. à Freud, 25 July).

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