26-07-1914 Freud to Abraham

* Carlsbad, 26.7.14.

Cher ami,

At the same time as the declaration of war that disrupts the peace of our station, happens to me a letter from you which finally brings me relief. So here we are finally rid of Jung, this holy gross, and his associates! I can not wait to thank you for the great diligence, efficiency and extraordinary activity, with which you have supported me and fought for a common cause. All my life, I was looking for friends who do not exploit me to betray me then, and now that I'm not so far from the end of the natural life, I hope to have found.

I can now fill the wish that you had made recently and give you the precise terms of my topic : Aspects of psychoanalytic technique. I beg you to insert somewhere, when the public is already heated.

It will not be difficult to ramble on about the reasons for the refusal of the Swiss when you look at the program of the International Psychoanalytical Association.

Sure, we can not predict at this time whether the events we will hold the congress. If the war in the Balkans remains localized, it will. But we can not say anything about Russia.

But it is perhaps the first time in thirty years that I feel to be Austrian and I'm willing to give it another chance Reich which there is not much hope. Morale is good everywhere. The liberating effect of the courageous, strong support for Germany are for many. - Can be observed in all symptomatic acts most authentic.

I hope you enjoy peace of mind on your well-deserved vacation.

Yours very truly


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