27-07-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

493 Iron

Budapest, the 27 July 1914 A

Dear Professor,

Although it is unlikely that this letter reaches you in the foreseeable future, given the present circumstances (1), I will still try to give you a sign of life.

The trip to England was canceled ; I do not have the right to leave the country, being assigned to the Territorial Army. I can still consider myself lucky if I'm not mobilized. I was assigned to Honved Hussars * ( !), as a physician assistant, so I'll have to make the countryside on horseback. Until August 1st I stay here anyway ; one, meantime, I'm not mobilized, I go in the Tatras where Mrs. G. staying with his family (provided that it is possible to travel) and, là-bas, I wait events. Maybe I'll join in Rank and I do a few trips with him in Tyrol.

I received notification today from Jung's departure Association. Therefore, "Finally, only 2 » !

It is not impossible that the war also affects our Congress. Foreigners will not want to come.

Should not we cancel the conference now ?

Warm greetings from

Ferenczi your

A. Place and date manuscripts, at the end. Mention the lack of the Year, it is given by the context.

* Army : Hungarian army soldier. Literally : Defender of the Fatherland,

  1. The 23 July, the Austrian government addressed an ultimatum to Serbia, with a delay of forty-eight hours. In its response 25 July, Serbia accepted most of the demands of the ultimatum, but Austria-Hungary responded the same day by the rupture of diplomatic relations and partial mobilization. The 28 July, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.
  2. Finally alone : under a table Toffano, widely reproduced and widespread in the nineteenthand century.

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