29-07-1914 Abraham to Freud

* Ostseebad, Brunshaupten 29.7.14.

Dear Professor,

Your letter of 26 I received here the day after my arrival. The thanks that you send me are indebted to you that I pay by promising to do everything for Congress and we compensate you compensate all wrongs in Munich. Who can doubt certainly not the small circle of "Five"(1) will make every effort and give the best of himself, not only for the Congress, but also in the future. - Your presentation will appear in the right place as possible. I think we have a very extensive program.

Here also, not everyone is concerned by war. I believe that no power will trigger a general war. But everywhere is great concern, although opinion is very favorable to Austria. What will happen to our projects? It is temporarily impossible to say. Rank wrote me yesterday to me strongly discouraged the Dolomites. It would be unfortunate if the appointment does not take place. At worst, could transfer in Switzerland. - The conference also made a bit of a problem. It is hoped that the matter will be decided quickly in the coming days.

Our Jahrbuch happened to me yesterday by the good care Deuticke. I am very pleased that, despite all the difficulties, we could come to end in six months. I will start preparations for the next when I am in Berlin. En effet, he must appear at any price in the spring 1915.

Receive, you and your wife, my cordial greetings and those of my wife.

Abraham your.

(1) Cf. note 1 : 10.12.13.

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