29-07-1914 Freud to Abraham

Carlsbad, 29.7.14.

Cher ami,

Where are you and what do you do? Is this how you imagined the rest re bene gesta? Could you by chance

I say yes, in a fortnight, the excitement of these days will be a distant memory a little ashamed, or the fate that threatens us for decades is about to decide? Do you know if we can meet this year for a conference close?

Nobody knows, and the influx of new uncertain, the ebb and flow of hope and fear can only disturb the mental balance of each of us.

We are here, solitary, busy wait for letters to arrive late and leave write letters irregularly; we hope to leave, Carlsbad le Lundi 3, since we can still win free Germany; and Munich, we will ultimately land, after several forced outages, à Seis (1). We are extremely pleased that none of our son and step-son is directly affected by the war, but actually, we also have a little shame at the sight of the victims that accumulate around us. The weather is terribly wrong, as if it was the projection of the current state of minds. Eitingon wanted to visit me, but the tumult of the war has prevented; tasks put our depe- 24 hours to deliver, I also asked to abandon his project. En effet, the big fight stifle interest in the little that we have successful completion.

I'm happy to have finished, in the last days of calm, two technical articles(2), one on transference love and the other entitled : "Remembering, repetition and working through. "I think my way of presenting things turned; from the reckoning, I became more sincere, bolder and more direct. Currently, I still can not get used to the idea of ​​starting a new job.

First, scene change.

Here's what Jones writes today in express terms - I transcribe it for fun : « I had a long talk with Mrs E. last week, who has just had a month’s analysis with Jung… You may be interested to hear the latest method of dealing with Übertragung. The patient overcomes it by learning that she is not really in love with the analyst but that she is for the first time struggling to comprehend a Universal Idea (with capitals) in Plato's sense: after she has done this, then what seems to be the Übertragung may remain. »(3)Risum teneatis, Casimiri! I look forward to hearing from you. Your faithful


(1) Siusi, in South Tyrol, then Austrian

(2) Trad. fr. In psychoanalytic technique in P.U.F., 1953.

(3) “I had, last week, a long conversation with Mrs. E., who just a month of analysis with Jung… You may be interested to know the last date for method transfer process. The patient overcome the learning that is not really in love with the analyst, but it is currently, first, struggling to understand a Universal Idea (with capital letters) under plate tonicien : whereafter, what appears to be the transfer may well remain. “(N.d.T.)

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