29-07-1914 Freud to Eitingon

61 F

[Header Vienna], Carlsbad smile 29 July 1914 noona

Dear Doctor

I have just received your letter express. Your telegram announced, not yet. Many things have changed since I sent you the telegram : but you are always welcome ! I did not know at the time that a telegram should be sent urgently ifb must travel as fast as a train. Since we understand the seriousness of the situation1. Declaration of War, manifest, closure of rail traffic for days of mobilization, this seems to be a different situation than you imagined only yesterday. It seems impossible that you arrive by Friday, and the date on which you can leave in any case seems uncertain. Under these conditions I ask you to give this tour. I can not admit that you expose yourself to such discomforts and uncertainties such, and I want to thank you very much for your intention for its implementation.

Incidentally the weather is so terrible here – girls in the house say : since the men are away – it becomes difficult to perform the movement necessary to cure.

We hope to come to Munich after blocking traffic, outside the 3 August. My three son, fortunately (but so undeserved), one has not yet fulfilled his military obligations, lui il reste encore un tiers in, it has recently been postponed for the second time2. Shadow hover also present on our conference, but nothing can predict two months away. Perhaps most things be returned in order to then.

The key is that we got rid of Z[urich], Abraham worked brilliantly3.

Receive my cordial greetings, on my part and that of my wife4 and greet your dear wife, that the fact that you give up your journey certainly not displease.

Your Freud

  1. Express letter.
  2. Afterthought.
  3. The 28, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. The 29, appeared in the press a "manifesto of war" Franz Joseph Ihe. The 31, was decreed the mobilization General.
  4. The son of Freud (see DIP) : [John] Martin (1889-1967), lawyer, was at the time the first part of his training in Salzburg, directeur de 1’Internationaler Psychoanalytischer Verlag à partir de 1932, emigration in London 1938 (BL/W) ; Oliver (1891-1969), engineer, lived for a time in Berlin before 1933, emigration to France, then for America; Seriously (1892-1970), architect, lived from 1920 at 1932 à Berlin, emigration England. Ernst had reduced military obligations (Freud à Abr., 18 October). – Their fate during the First World War, see Jones (II, p. 244-246) ; also detailed in F / Iron II.
  5. That is to say, as director of the Jahrbuch (6and year, 1914) and Acting Chair of the API after the resignation of Jung.
  6. Martha Freud, née Bernays (1861-1951), married since Freud 1886 (voir Behling 2002).

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