31-07-1914 Abraham to Freud

Brunshaupten, 31.7.14.

Dear Professor,

I will answer immediately. Here, we are not cur-rent anything. It is possible that we leave today or tomorrow. Because there are many signs that suggest the mobilization tomorrow or Sunday. En cas de guerre, it is possible that we stay here. We can do little other travel plans. So we wait probably Berlin. En cas de guerre, also, I can not get away from, since I am assigned to health service (1). Without this, I did, me either, no obligation.

Our station is already half depopulated, enabled officers and soldiers on leave have been recalled. In case you séjourneriez Munich would not be impossible to meet; but who knows?

It is expected still no power trigger war, but the situation did not look less serious. Newspapers are allowed to publish only half of what they know.

All I can promise you today is to give you my new regular. Your letter bearing the stamp of 3o is still very fast arrival. I entrust this letter best wishes that I make for all of us.

I look forward to your new work with as much impatience as possible at the moment!

Well with my cordial greetings.

Abraham your.

Have you not received my last letter?

(1) As a result of lung disease (emphysema) in childhood, Abraham had been exempted from military service and was part of the reserve.

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