31-07-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PSYCHOANALYSIS Edited by Professor Dr Sigm. Freud editors : Dr. S. Ferenczi, Budapest, VII. Elisabethring 54/ Dr. Otto Rank, Vienna IX / 4, Simondenkgasse 8 Verlag Hugo Heller & C °, Vienna, The. Farmers Market N ° 3

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Budapest, the 31 July 1914 (afternoon)

Dear Professor,

As the post probably will not work tomorrow (the announcement of general mobilization came here at the moment |1]), I hasten to give you a brief news.

If the above information is confirmed, I will join, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, the 7and regiment of the Territorial Army - Honved Hussars – as a medical reserve.

The holiday trip is abandoned. (Even if I do not join the regiment, I will stay here as a hospital physician.)

It will be difficult to manage by the business of writing, due to the disruption of rail traffic and postal. I think Rank will soon be returned home (2). For the time being, I have no contact with him.

Here, emotion is at its peak (the news of the Russian intervention).

Madame G. returned from his summer residence - like everyone else also.

The Platonic idea as substrate transfer is tasty (3). It seems that Jung has also been proposed as the word Imago quite disembodied.

Cordial greetings to all, Carlsbad et à à Seis (4),

Ferenczi your

1. The 28 July, Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia. The 29 July, is the partial mobilization in Russia, protecting country of Serbia. General mobilization in Austria-Hungary, condoned by the staff and signed by the German Emperor, Vienna is announced on the morning of 31 July.

2. Rank went on vacation in Tyrol, the 29 July ; He then spent a fortnight in Semmering, to return to Vienna 15 August (Letter from Freud to Rank 12 August 1914, unpublished correspondence, archives J. Dupont).

3. The 27 July 1914, Jones wrote to Freud : "I had, last week, a long conversation with Mrs.. Eder, who just a month of analysis with Jung […] You may be interested to know the last date for method transfer process. The patient overcome the learning that is not really in love with the analyst, but it is currently, first, struggling to understand a Universal Idea (with capital letters) the Platonic sense : whereafter, what appears to be the transfer may well stay ". Freud has copied this passage for Abraham (Freud/Abraham, Correspondence, on. cit., letter 29 VII 1914, p. 191-192) and also expressed Ferenczi, it seems.

4. Place in South Tyrol where Freud had intended to go after his stay in Karlsbad.

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