22-07-1914 Freud to Jones

22 July 1914 Carlsbad

My dear Jones,

I think wise, from Putnam, you have chosen confessor, and your reply, given in a spirit truly analytical, Perhaps the best thing that you have to give. But let him do as he can, he never avoids his own hobbies. He simply said that there is an effort to sublimation at some of the best individuals, we do not contredirions, because it is indeed the case, but the simple fact spoil by mixing some philosophical theory, Hegel, Bergson or other. I am still glad to know honest and disinclined to do something ambiguous.

Summary of Jung is remarkable for its maneuvers to draw a line on the discharge, which, I think, will have its place in your paper1.

Thank you very much for your kindness to my little girl. Maybe you do not know enough. She is the most gifted and most accomplished of my children, and, what is more, she has a precious character. It only asks to learn, to see and understand the world. It does not purport to be treated as a woman, is still very far from any sexual desire and rather refusing man. It is understood between us that it should not consider marriage or the preliminaries before two or three years. I do not think she denounced the treaty (2).

You will learn, or if you know Abraham, Maeder has virtually declared that the output of the Zurich group ; he was ordered to wait until something is printed in Zurich, most likely a clear answer to my pathetic Beiträge zur Geschichte (3). Circular Abraham can accelerate the course of events (4).

I am delighted that Ferenczi spends his holidays (5) with you. I'm sorry to have « ousted (6) » (is there such a word?) this year, because I need isolation and concentration to the test Manual de Kraus (7). It's been a long time I have not had the opportunity to hear my own thoughts.

Our stay in Karlsbad is nice, although it is very hot, as every-Central Europe. I finished a technical contribution to the Magazine and plans another in the same spirit (8).

With all my affection

well you


P.-S. : Putnam returned letter.

1. Maybe a synopsis Jung (1914) ; see also Jones (1914i).

2. Young-Bruehl (1988, p. 66-69) briefly discusses the vain efforts to woo Anna Jones.

3. Freud (1914 d).

4. In Korrespondenzblatt, Abraham annonça this, the 10 July, society Zurich decided by a vote to withdraw from the International ; see Magazine, 2, 1914, p. 483.

5. Freud wrote vacancy, emptiness, instead of vacation, holiday.

6. Ousted = ousted.

7. In H. Abraham et E. Freud (1965, p. 309, n. 3), an allusion suggests that Freud eventually ask Abraham to make a contribution in its place. More, ultimately, Freud ni, ni Abraham, nor any other representative of the psychoanalytic camp helped Friedrich Theodor Kraus and Brugsch, Special pathology and treatment of internal diseases, 12 flight., Berlin, Urban and Scwar2enberg, 1919-1928.

8. Freud (1914 g, 1915 a).

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