22-07-1914 Binswanger to Freud

100 B

Constance, the 22 July 1914

Dear Professor !

You had to learn that the group Zurich, by 15 voice against a, decided to leave the International Psychoanalytical Association1. I do not know if that one voice is mine or not because I was not present at the meeting in question, but I had telephonically conveyed to Maeder my intention to vote against a split. I can not accept the reasons or latent, nor obvious reasons that would justify such a division. I find it particularly

fun as the specter of freedom of research is also invoked by. I can not join the new independent organization to continue to collaborate, and I am quite willing to follow your advice to join the group Berlin or Vienna. I do not know what you think about the future of the International Association while Jung was so disappointed your hopes. These are just independent thinkers who recognize and admire your History of the Psychoanalytic Movement. Yours sincerely, I remain your

[The. Binswanger]

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