25-07-1914 Freud to Binswanger

101 F

Prof.. Dr. Freud

Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19 Carlsbad, the 25 July 1914

Dear Doctor !

I find the more comical whether you just, among all Zurich, to which I wrote the history of the psychoanalytic movement, who refuse to give me pleasure1 ! How lucky that you have so little influence in Zurich. I can not wait to learn officially that we got rid of the "independent".

Of course, nothing stands in your way to another group. I also know that you will not be the only.

Congress, we discuss the future of the International Psychoanalytical Association, because this subject is enrolled in 2. I think the need will be obvious and the abandonment of an incident Jung will be unimportant.

Why did not you say anything about your health ? Or do I interpret this silence as optimum signum ? I am quite ready and would treat the entire chapter lightly.

I cordially greet you both and your offspring

Your Freud

From 4 August, à Seis, Tyrol, Pension Edel-weiss 3.

  1. Freud was expected that Binswanger and Pfister resign and join the group in Vienna, what happened actually ; cf. 102 B and remarks in a letter to Ferenczi's 17 July 1914 : "Received a letter the day before yesterday that assures me Pfister, against all odds, it is among us and is ready to enter the Viennese group, Zurich realize if the proposed demerger. This is the first new [after the publication of Freud (1914d)] and it is good " (ÔNBWien, 1053/21-9).
  2. Issue not discussed due to the cancellation of the conference. Cf. 105 F, note 7.
  3. This project holiday was canceled due to the war ; cf. 105 F.

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