27-07-1914 Jones to Freud

27 July 1914

69 Portland Court, London

Dear Professor Freud,

It says here - what may be wrong – that Austria had declared war, and all sides, this is only rumors and general preparations for Armageddon. I wonder how this can naturally affect your son, Rank, etc., and I hope that everything is going well. Emergency, if that was your daughter join, I could of course escort ; do not hesitate to let me know (and let me know anything else I could do).

I had fully appreciate what you write it. She has a beautiful nature and will certainly thereafter a remarkable woman, provided that its sexual repression does not make him wrong. It will of course terribly atta-played, and this is one of those rare cases where the father is the real father figure.

I am delighted to give you good news of her, because his health is excellent and it seems happy days and respond bravely to his new environment. We have a few to take the boat Saturday, and she enjoyed the output as other. I hope to see more, because I do not have regular holidays this year will, and it is pleasant to spend a few days so interesting company. Ferenczi will be here next week, and probably join us there too. Family Arundel is excellent, and it could not be in better hands (1).

I learned today that Abraham the’Exit [resignation] official arrived from Zurich, ensure that your article has produced one of its desired effects (2). I read the letter Maeder, and those Bleuler and Pfister, all full of interest. Abraham said he will join you in Tyrol.

Ferenczi offered me to continue my analysis with him here, and, as there are still some gray areas that I can not solve alone (mainly in dreams), I would be very grateful for the opportunity.

Two other patients come to me to India next month, this will make nine hours a day. I do not listen Jung went Friday, and I'm not going to Aberdeen, but I write a report qu'Eder read there (it is one of the secretaries (3)). I had, last week, a long conversation with Mrs.. Eder, who has just completed a month of analysis with Jung. She discovered that since her childhood she has continued to be torn by a conflict between scientific and philosophical inclinations - those- there, which are the strongest part of his nature, should no longer be repressed. Maybe you are interested in the latest in a method for treating Übertragung, The patient surmontç the learning that is not really in love with the analyst, but, first, she struggles to understand a Universal Idea (with capitals) within the meaning of Plato ; after she succeeded, what appears to be Übertragung can remain.

I saw yesterday Loe. She had spent a few days in bed as a result of pain caused by vomiting of seasickness, but it's better now. Elle retourne one Hollande Mercredi, to get Trottie (4). It seeks by all means to do harm to Lina, to whom she dedicates a fierce hatred. Why did you- you of my observation on morphine, whose sole purpose was to arouse your suspicion ? Here it is angry against me, probably because it was the truth; I do him much more confidence than before, since I discovered the lies she told to my account, I hope, however, that things will calm down, and that we will one day be good friends. I was amused to hear about your discussion with MacCurdy, which seems to have left from the front of the stage.

I was so glad to hear that you enjoy Karlsbad, and I send you all my good wishes and my love.

Your faithful


1. Voir Young-Bruehl (1988, p. 65-69) to an evocation of Anna Freud stay in England, where there is no question of "the family of Arundel".

2. Allusion à Freud (1914 d) and the company's decision to leave Zurich International.

3. See Jung (1915) Jones and (1914 i).

4. Son chien.

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