13-08-1914 Jones to Freud

13 August 1914

69 Portland Court, London

Dear Professor,

I hope Anna does well go home now, because I doubt that you do not believe in safety in England. But she struggled to make the best decision, and she was very brave throughout this crisis.

It will give you the new English, there is no need that I write. Personally, I believe my duty is to remain at my post, and continue to exert, rather than engage. This also has the advantage that I can financially support our friends in Vienna (Rank, etc.), that the war will perhaps necessary; I wanted to send money now, but it is impossible to obtain Austrian banknotes in London.

I'm terribly excited to hear from you and our friends, and hope that you will try to communicate via Bjerre, Van Emden, Pfister or Assagioli. I'll soon see Holland Van Emden and learn what he knows.

With any affection

your faithful and devoted Jones.

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