02-08-1914 Freud to Abraham

Carlsbad, 2.8.14.

Cher ami,

Your letter of today (that of 31.7) is overwhelmed, That is why I am writing again to Berlin. Thank you for your promise to give me plenty of your new, and I will endeavor to do so. We will stay here so probably another week ; go to Vienna during mobilization is not possible; about to go to Munich, it does not matter. Our son Ernst1, the remainder, in Salzburg with his brother Martin 2, and he probably will not return for the first time.

We may rid our mind all the problems of Congress, etc. The general attention is otherwise. When I write, we can consider that the great war is a thing acquired; I'd heart with fighters, if I did not know that England is on the wrong side.

I would like to develop a good subject that began to torment me, but I'm still too tight, too distracted, I must wait for something definitive, well done. For the time being, I'm embarrassed to try again in the beautiful Carlsbad, with my nice wife, all the refinements of cure, while the world is similarly shaken. In Vienna it is cooked over white bread; thing can- be more worrying : savings banks and banks do not refund deposits beyond 200 crowns. We can see how much you can spend money in daily life.

We can fall, we do not go out of the world [Fall out of the world we can not] 3 : this is the ultimate insurance.

I hope you arrived safely with yours and your military obligations do not stray too far from home. Receive, from a distance, my cordial handshake.

Your faithful


1. Seriously (born in 1892), youngest son of Freud.

(2) Jean Martin (born in 1889), eldest son of Freud.

3. Quote of the "Tale of the house of stone crusher", de Ludwig Anzengruber (1839-1889), Austrian playwright.

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