14-08-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

496 FA

Vienna, the 14 August 1914

Cher Ami,

I try my luck with a card B. What do you ? Where did you go ? Since the 5 month we are all together in Vienna (1) except Martin who volunteered in Salzburg 2 and Annerl is England, cut us. To work, I do not have any concentration. These are difficult times ; our interests have lost their value in the immediate.

Sincerely, your Freud

A. Postcard.

B. The card is sent to Budapest and carries postscript, Freud's hand : ” Forward ! ”

1. See Freud's letter to Sophie and Max Halberstadt, of 6 August 1914 : "More, à Carlsbad, could not realize the seriousness of the situation. But Aunt Minna and Matilda, already returned to Vienna, we were not left in peace until we left […] Tuesday 4 evening, while the last train. » (Library of Congress, Washington D.C. [henceforth : LOC].)

2. Martin Freud, who worked at the court of Salzburg, had become involved as voluntary, although it was previously reformed (t see. The, 195 F and note 4, as 272 F).

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