21-08-1914 Ferenczi to Freud

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Edited by Professor Dr Sigm. Freud editors : Dr. S. Ferenczi, Budapest, VII. Elisabethring 54/ Dr. Otto Rank, Vienna IX / 4, Simondenkgasse 8 Verlag Hugo Heller 8c ° C, Vienna, The. Farmers Market N ° 3

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Budapest, the 21 August 1914

Dear Professor,

I'm always civil and home, but I can be called at any time, although my "Assignment Sheet" says that I should introduce myself as telegraphic order.

Events had the effect of paralyzing me in any intellectual activity. I felt abroad enthusiasm warrior, anachronistic to my mind. It seems that I am making misconceptions about the true state of civilization of our society, How else to explain the intellectual and emotional vacuum that emerged in me after the war broke out. But I think purely personal factors also contributed. - I began gradually to restore me and hold me in thinking of ideas that we hold dear.

Two daily sessions of analysis are "wretched remnants" of my practice.

My family, up to now, one nephew 1 was mobilized as a reserve officer of artillery ; it is already on the Russian border. Among our members, Dr. Levy and Dr. Hollos were called in the reserve of the territorial army ; Dr. Rado is currently a volunteer service a year, but, is suffering, it was left to his.

What do you think of the heroic decision of your Martin ? And know- you more about it ? Do you have news Annerl ?

A sister of Mrs. G., from Canada, was visiting here with her husband, just as the decree of mobilization. They began the journey to return home, through Germany and Holland ; could they, and the extent to which, closer to Toronto, we know nothing.

How is Mrs. Loe and Trottie ? The plan, beautifully pre-prepared, contraband dog has not resulted 2 !

One, meantime, I am not called, I would like to come to Vienna by steamer and compensate me for the loss of this year's holiday with a stay of three to five days. Please, tell me if you see any objection.

Cordial greetings to you all, of

Ferenczi your

  1. The son of one of the elder sister of Ferenczi, Ilona (born in 1865), Bertalan ou Gyula. See also 580 Iron.
  2. En effet, Loe Kann had struggled to get his dog Trottie fraud in the Netherlands- Low to make it to England (Jones to Freud, 3 August 1914, Freud/Jones, Correspondence, p. 297-298).

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