23-08-1914 Freud to Ferenczi

498 F

Prof., Dr Freud

Vienna, IX. Berggasse 19 the 23 August 1914

Cher Ami,

Naturally, I thought you were already mobilized, and yesterday I've been missing by giving news Emden, it is neutral. I accept your offer more readily come to Vienna, where it can be placed any time limit or obligation to spare me. Anyway, I do not try to open my consultation before 1he October, attempt would be, the remainder, now and later, purely "symbolic". I can not for the work. During the first week after Karlsbad, I had a good start ; I could spend three or four hours to read and reflect ; at the end of the week, very little, and now it's been a week that I have not thought about science. Psychological problems were too hard to adjust and, from an adaptation succeeded, arose a new requirement that you removed the benefit of the balance already acquired. I note only that I became more irritable, slip and I do all day long - like many other, also. Those of us whom I speak are in the same state. To escape boredom, Rank undertook to establish a catalog of my library ; it will start tomorrow, and I, I invented a diversion similar : I'll take my antiques, study and describe them one by one.

The inner process was as follows : rising enthusiasm, Austria, I was first won me too. In exchange for prosperity and international clients, missing for a long time now, I hoped that I would be given viable homeland, where the storm of war had swept the worst miasma, and where children can live in confidence. I suddenly mobilized, like many other, the libido of Austria-Hungary, eg my brother Alexander who, located in the middle of the hustle administrative, has seen with surprise how labor and availability could be found among officials, whose number is now reduced. Each day, I shared with him the emotion of the moment. Gradually, discomfort was installed when the severity of the censorship and swelling of the smallest success made me think of the story of "Dätsch" *: return

his family dressed in orthodox modern man, it can be admired by all his relatives, until the old grandfather gave the order to undress. It was then discovered, in all segments of modern clothing, that framed his pants are tied with a piece of wood because the cords were torn ; whereupon the grandfather decides that it is still not a "Dätsch". Since the release before- yesterday on the situation in Serbia I am fully convinced regarding the A.[utriche]-H.[ongrie] I see my libido and turn into rage, which we can do nothing. The only real thing that remains, it is the hope that our august ally 2 fighting for us out. I now hope that all our interest, to be removed after, back when even our science, and your visit will certainly in this direction.

Martin has justified its decision by saying he does not want to miss the opportunity to the Russian border without changing religion 3. I'm not very happy, up to now, he has made a career dotted, but I understand its considerations and finally I must give due. There should still be two weeks in Salzburg for instruction, complete before leaving the number of his regiment (Field No. 41). Here, I finally received a postcard from Annerl, pédiée re-exported from The Hague ; I learn that she spent a day in London with Loe and Davy Jones4 and then she returned to St Leonards. She writes that Trottie was extremely pleased to see her ! Your pessimistic predictions did not realized. Davy Jones adds these words : Your daughter is frightfully brave, if you could see her, you would be extremely proud of her behaviour **.

Postwar, we can not go to England long before, perhaps not even in Italy ? Germany also is impossible, due to the morgue Germans, which is not without justification.

We are all here, Curly at home, to save money, which is a detestable occupation and unusual. Minna is recovering from his bad-vaise flu, slowly, but obviously.

Mainly, Coming soon, and see if the boat does not go faster than a telegram !

Sincerely, your Freud

* Dätsch : deformation Deutsch German, written phonetically by the Yiddish pronunciation. One way to describe, among the Jews of Galicia, assimilated German Jew.

** In English in the text : "Your daughter is terribly brave, you would be extremely proud of his conduct, if you saw. »

  1. Freud may be referring to the order of withdrawal of Austro-Hungarian troops on their starting positions, Despite successes in Serbia, because of the need to send troops on the Russian front.
  2. Germany.
  3. Jews could not visit Russia.
  4. This is Herbert "Davy" Jones, Can que Loe, who had been a friend of Ernest Jones and Freud analysand, married June 1 1914 à Budapest, Freud and Ferenczi and Rank as witnesses as an interpreter (t see. The, 476 F).
  5. Anna Freud had already left England with the Austrian ambassador and arrived in Vienna 26 August 1914, after a journey of ten days and forty hours by train, by Gibraltar, Malta and Genoa. See E. Young-Bruehl, Anna Freud, on. cit., p. 63.

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